Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us and we will be glad to answer!

What is your Minimum Age?
Our minimum age for paintball is 7 years old, though any parents of young children should make sure they can handle the equipment (roughly 6 lbs fully loaded), but parents need to make sure kids are mature enough to follow all safety guidelines at all times. Don’t Forget, all our guests, regardless of age, must have a signed Waiver on file.

What is your weather policy?
We run games rain or shine, hot or cold, day or night all year long! That said, we understand that not everyone likes to get wet, wild, and dirty, and we want to fulfill your highest expectations for your event. If you have a reservation booked and you see that inclement weather may hinder your experience, we invite you to reschedule any time up to 48 hours before your event without penalty!

It’s my first time- How does paintball work?
The basic game format is two teams, total elimination. This means the ref splits you into 2 even teams which start on opposite sides of the playing field. Once the ref starts the game your objective is to shoot each player on the opposite team out- one shot= elimination from that game. Once shot, players will exit the playing field until the next game (this is the ideal time to grab a drink or refill on ammo and air). There are also many other game formats we can run- after a few games, once you’re comfortable with the rules, feel free to ask your ref about those other options!

What should we wear?
Our paint is water based and will wash out first run in the wash, no matter what you wear, guaranteed. We generally recommend dressing more for the weather than the game. Remember, paintball can be very physical and long sleeves and jeans aren’t the best idea on a hot, humid Alabama day.

How safe is Paintball?
There are less than a dozen paintball related injuries a year world wide (on average)- as long as common sense is exercised all shooters, targets, and spectators are perfectly safe! Participants will be given a safety briefing upon arrival and are under referee supervision at all times. Our fields are set up perfectly for spectators with see-through netting on all sides of the fields.

Who do we play against?
When you come without a Private Group, either as a solo player or with other players, you will be included in the Open Play group, which is comprised of all Walk-In players. If you wish to only play with your group, we offer private group play with 48 hours notice. Teams are divided based on skill level and advanced players in the open play group are treated appropriately when choosing teams.

Do you I need a reservation?
We REQUIRE a reservation 48 hours in advance on any private party, and strongly recommend one for all others- This can be made online any time. Any sized group is welcome to walk in for open play during regular business hours, though without reservations you will be checked in on a “First Come, First Served” basis. We recommend that any guests book a reservation as soon as they decide they are coming. Our booking system allows reservations based on available equipment, so reserving ahead of time guarantees that you will be able to play without a wait.

Do I need to bring a mask and gun?
No, we are happy to provide the same equipment to all guests! Do you have a place for refreshments if I bring a party? Private party packages include full use of of our indoor party room for one hour after your playing time is over. Additionally, each party includes an indoor party hut with air conditioning, tables, seating and small kitchenette. We also have a full concession stand on site if you could like to purchase additional items.